Bahawalpur Janubi Punjab (BJP)

I begin with the name of Allah, the Compassionate, The Merciful.

The topic of new provinces is not new to us. Pakistan Peoples Party and its allies have always told their voters about the woes and afflictions Southern Punjab is facing. With conviction, they have vowed to form another Province of “Bahawalpur Janubi Punjab”. This has nonetheless, caused a lot of stir in the political circle particularly from Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) where the new would be province has been abbreviated as BJP.

But, what is the reason behind the creation of new provinces?

The answer is simple but brutally harsh. A bird’s eye view of the pitiful situation of our people can provide an incontrovertible and unambiguous evidence of humiliation they go through everyday. From absence of electricity for days to long lines for petrol and CNG tells immeasurable and prodigious tales of “good governance” and “deliverance”. To add insult to the injury, massive cases of corruption make headlines on front page. Not to mention, the statement of Fasih Bukhari that a staggering 12 billion rupees (approximately $95 million dollars) are lost daily to racketeering in every profitable sector.

Comparing the promises of the people in power with the strident conditions in their constituencies show a striking contrast in their mellifluous claims of honoring their oath. As preposterously rich they have grown, their communities have plunged into depths of poverty and destitution. From the looks of the mansions, the powerful, seem to have born with silver spoons in their mouths. But in reality, they have snatched the last bite of bread from the poor; leaving them struggling for crumbs. Sitting in their comfortable houses and lodges, they lecture the public about the greatness of the policies and ammendments making them hypnotized with their eloquence.

As elections are approaching, our ruler are realizing that nothing has been done for the country. Their promises are lacking actions. The venom of their inability has given birth to a shibboleth; new provinces. Should the effort succeed, people will begin to suffer even more. This will cause run away inflation in the economy hence giving birth to instability in the country. Anarchy and disregard of law will increase, resulting in rising of hostility between different ethnic and religious factions. Violence will be on its peak and so will be the loss of life. All this to promote “Democracy”; also known as “the best revenge”.

P.S: This piece was written on 28th of January 2013 as a response to “Live With Talat”. Due to difficulties in importing my comment, I have posted it here again. Feel free to leave your comments. Thanks.


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