Eunuchs (Hijjray)

I begin with the name of a Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful

Eunuchs are a section of our society that has been prevented from witnessing even basic moments of happiness. The cycle of cruelty begins when they are abandoned by their own familes. The pain of seperation is quite unbearable. To overcome the affliction, they pretend to stay happy. Leading their daily lives in tough circumstances, dancing in parties and social gatherings is an everyday hustle to earn a meagre wage. Pretentiously smiling, they downplay their feelings just so others can remain happy in their world.

The misery doesnt stop there. Prolonged suffering of loneliness and bitterness of the society takes a mental toll on some eunuchs, making them drug addicts. A few end up prostituting themselves just to make ends meet. That leads to sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. A lethal cocktail of Untimely diagnosis, abject poverty and inadequate health facilities contribute to the demise of the eunuch. The stinging hostility of the society bars them from burying their dead during day light. But some God fearing people, free from venom of hatred, help them by putting the deceased in their final resting place.

The reason behind the creation of Eunuchs is only known by Allah, the Architect of this Universe. His Wisdom is beyond the humans intelligence. All we are asked to do is to be kind to them. Instead we have made their life a metaphor of a trial which begins with the curse of despondency and ends in the calamity of gloom and desolation.


P.S. This piece was written on 19th October 2012 as a response to a video on ZemTV. Here is the link; Due to difficulties in importing my comment on word press, I had to re type it here. Feel free to leave your comments. Thanks


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