I begin with the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful.

Jugglers or circus performers are a part of our society who have been largely ignored and abandoned. Tough economic conditions force them to stay away from their homes. Travelling from small towns to big cities, their lives are a metaphor of vagabonds. Neglect from the public officials and irrecognition from the public have made them a social outcast.

The tough financial and security situation in Pakistan has made life impossible for an average joe. To distract the attention from the woes and affliction of daily lives, people have turned to affordable forms of entertainment. An example of Lucky Irani Circus can be given. A small ad in a local newspaper is placed, which attracts a huge crowd from all over the country. People are entertained and facscinated by creative tricks of jugglers and magicians. Children are mesmerized by observing a world of virtual reality. The performers try their best to amuse the spectators, who return the favor by rounds of applause. The event continues for a whole day and at night, the entertainers go back to their tents preparing for another day of neverending cycle of hard labor.

This persistent, unchanging and continuously perpetual rhythm of travel is a routine for them. Living a life of unsettling poverty and destitution, they wander from one town to another hoping to get a chance of better living. Some jugglers stay away from their houses for longer periods while others choose to keep their families with them. The kids receive home schooling from the parents just so they can learn reading and writing. Aside from basic education, they also get exposed to the world of jugglery by acquiring the skills, honoring the legacy of their elders . The succession continues from one generation to another in a sequence that sees no end.

Jugglers have a face and life that has yet to be observed by the public. Years of bitter experiences make them have an impenetrable personality which makes them go unnoticed. The government must play a vital role in improving their economic conditions. Educational programs should be launched by television as well as social media in highlighting the tough circumstances they endure in their lifetime. Through proper information, we will be able to accept them for who they are. That will make our society an example for the rest of the world which is making every effort in the pursuit of happiness.——————————————————————–

P.S: This piece was written on November 2nd of 2012 as a response to a video on ZemTV. The link is here; http://bit.ly/1askGso. Due to difficulties in importing my comment, I had to re-type it here. Feel Free to post ur comments. Thanks.


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