Liaquat Ali Khan Shaheed and Pakistan’s state of oblivion

I begin with the Name of God, The Compassionate, The Merciful

The martyrdom of Liaquat Ali Khan is no secret to anyone anymore as the documents about the treacherous killing of our first Prime Minister have been declassified. As one of the founding fathers of our beloved country Pakistan, Mr Khan was also the first Minister of Defence and Minister of Commonwealth and Kashmir Affairs.

The question that every sensible person should ask is why are the documents about his premeditated murder being made public, 61 years after his death? The answer is that we are being taken advantage of for forgetting our history. Our relation with the record keeping of past events has been pathetically miserable and worthless. The deplorable memories we have of our leaders, has made us into a nation determinably convinced that everything is fine. Being unable to comprehend the logic and connection of historical accounts, we have proved to be a nation that doesnt appreciate the value of freedom.

We are living in times where stronger nations are seeking to rule countries that have a weak socio-political and economic structure, a phenomenon known as neocolonialism. This era of hegemony has given many countries an image and title of a failed state. Unfortunately, our country is presenting an obvious picture of a dysfunctional state and the release of the de-classified documents after six decades is proving just that. The leadership of Pakistan has embarrassingly put us in a situation where questions about our very existence are being raised.

In these tough situations, we must re-evaluate our selves. We will have to learn how to take the country back from the hands of the traitors who are determined to destroy it at any cost. Commitment and devotion to the positive development of the country is needed more than ever. Revival of the the vision of Iqbal must be made important. The pain he had for Pakistan can be compared to that of Nabi Zakariya Peace Be Upon Him had when he prayed to His Lord for a son. In his poetry, the agony for sincerity can be found. His prayers to the Almighty was for a nation which is righteous, unpretentious, free of deceit and hypocrisy. Keeping that anxiety in his heart, his soul departed leaving us all in an unending, merciless tribulation.

The story of Liaquat Ali Khan is of a man who made relentless efforts in making Pakistan the best country in the world. A land where the rights of minorities, women, underprivileged and impoverished are respected. We will have to strive vigorously to make our nation an ideal for everyone, hence taking back the respect and honor we once enjoyed in the eyes of the world.

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P.S. I wrote this piece in October of 2012 as response to the video posted on ZemTv. Due to difficulties in importing it to word press, I had to post it here.


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