Democracy and Justice

I begin with the name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful

The recent rhetorical attack by Fasih Bukhari on the Supreme Court of Pakistan is causing galvanizing disturbance in the politics of the country. His letter to President Zardari about judicial pressures has exhilirated and invogarated PPP’s tough stance on the judiciary. With its pestiferous and pernicious content, the ruling elite has proved once again, that the third branch of government is the prominent cause for their downfall.

As perceptible and illustrious the reputation of judiciary is, the same cannot be said for our rulers. Their action lacking promises have earned them everything but respect in the eyes of people. An example of Mr. Zardari can be given who enjoys a decorative description in the political circle; “President par-excellence of corruption”. A clandestine prerogative he has maintained for five years. This sophistical and surreptitious act has caused the development of our country to come to a screeching halt. Advancement in every discipline has slowed the nation down to embarrassing levels. Struggle for basic needs have become a painful chore amidst deteriorating law and order situation. Ambience of rivalries and antagonism are being created because of injustice in the society. Recent cases of Shahzeb Khan and Kamran Faisal murder cases have shaken the helpless citizens of Pakistan to their core. Powerless as they are, these two incidents have resulted in the creation of animosity and dissension towards the ruling elite.

Since the executive and legislative branches of government have failed to deliver on their promises in their five years of tenure, people have looked up to the Supreme Court to intervene on their behalf. Chief Justice, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary has been known to people as a hero who stands up to the elite by reminding them of their oath. This has caused a resentment within the rulers, especially Pakistan Peoples Party. With their claims of being sacrificial lambs, they have defied nearly all his orders. To malign him, different tactics have been used. From Nasim Bukhari and Malik Riaz to Faisal Raza Abidi, PPP didnt leave any stone unturned. Even Mr Chaudhary’s own son, Arsalan was used against him but that also failed to shift the public opinion about him. The confrontation became more clear when National Accountability Bureau was ordered to arrest the Prime Minister, Raja Pervez Ashraf for corruption in Rental Power Project.

Crisis between the government and justice system have deepened even more now that Fasih Bukhari have accused it of hindering the ability to do his job as Chairman NAB. This seems to be the last attempt on the part of ruling elite to defame the judiciary. If Bukhari’s request is granted, it may halt any investigations and inquiries against all corrupt officials. That could lead the the two branches of the country to a collision course, granting one victory over another. If the judiciary wins, it will strengthen the public’s belief on it, paving the way for elimination of corruption from the society. But if the executive wins, it will gain “political victory”, a dream come true for them, weakening any hopes of reparations. The writing will be on the wall for the judges that Democracy, not Justice “is the best revenge”.


P.S: This piece was written on January 30th, 2013 as a response to the show “Off The Record” with Kashif. Due to difficulties in importing my comments, I am posting it here. Feel Free to leave any comments.


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