Shahrukh Jatoi and hope in the Judicial System

I begin with The Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful

Today, I feel numb; disinterested, uninterested, indifferent and impassive. I was overjoyed when Shahrukh Jatoi was brought to justice for a senseless murder. But his early release from prison was never thought of, thanks to the price tag on the justice system.

The loss of Shahzeb Khan is overwhelming to his family members. So is the safety of his siblings and friends who have stood by him even after his death, just so path to justice could be paved. Rallying across the nation, they united the divided citizens by bringing them closer for a noble cause. Their motivation was the hatred for injustice which has paralyzed the society by bringing it down to its knees. Their demand was to put an end to oppression of justice by all means possible. Solidarity shown by the civil society and the media knocked the doors of those in realm of power. Their positive response conjured up a picture in the minds of Pakistanis; Speedy justice prevailing in the society, high hopes of reparation and no fear of retribution. Country will be on a path of civility after a prolonged period of barbarity. The poor will not suffer because of police brutality. Misuse of law will dissipate, leaving no chance for judicial atrocity. Society will flourish in character by showing hospitality. The world will praise Islam which has universality. Making our Creator happy will become an actuality. But!

Extravagant as our dream was, forgiving Shahrukh Jatoi made it far from reality.

This case is enough to make us look into the past of our judicial system. We see that it has failed us miserably and that we have suffered from extreme afflictions of injustices. From the treacherous killing of Liaquat Ali Khan to independence of Bangladesh, and from the assassination of Mir Murtaza Bhutto to the murder of Kamran Faisal, Pakistanis have been kept in dark. The duplicitous behavior of the politicians and judges have earned them a clandestine title of traitors. Their true colors are emerging everyday as dejected and distressed citizens are being left with no hope. For a polluted justice system like ours, Ibn e Khuldoon once said
فساد القضاء یفضی الی نھایۃ الدول
Judicial corruption leads to the demise of nations.

The price of freedom that Shahrukh Jatoi has paid is Rs 350 Crore (approximately USD 33 million). This money can neither bring back the unity shown by Pakistanis around the world nor it can restore the faith in the justice system that has already shattered after the elections of May 11. But it has taught an important lesson that, us Pakistanis will have to struggle on our own as no one will come to our help . We must take the destiny in our hands as the politicians have disappointed us to the point of no return. Their ill intentions have brought the country to a point, where it is facing an existential threat. People from all walks of life must huddle and find the solution to their problems and present it to those in power who have the fear of their Creator in them. With unambiguity in our goals, we will be on a path of being successful, taking back the name infected by the venom of hatred and corruption, hence becoming the people who are truly from The Land of The Pure.


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