A letter to a disrespecful woman

Since I am a novice in dissertation, I am trying to write on a different topic; A break up. The following is a letter to a woman (name withheld) who doesnt have respect for anybody but expects to be respected and honored.

I begin With The Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful

Assalamoalaikum __________! Hope this letter finds u in the best of ur health and happiness. This is the last time i’ll ever get in contact with you. But before saying good bye, let me get a few things clear.

I have a habit; I like to play mind games. I play it occasionally, but only with those who I like. When I told you that I wanted to take things slow so we could get to know each other more, your behavior and temper was exactly what I wanted to know. I kept changing my stance ON PURPOSE, just to see how you would react. Each time you became upset, you proved your own statement correct that you’re not worthy of being around people. Dummy me, I tried my best to bring a little behavioral change in you but failed miserably. It is a lesson that I learned quite well.

__________! You are an awesome person (despite what I said above) but it just so happens that you have an anger problem. Yesterday, in a moment of belligerence, you lost your sanity and forgot whats coming out of your mouth. Despite our differences, you absolutely had no right to insult my Mother by saying
تمہاری ماں کی تربیت بات کر رہی ہے
NO, NO, NO, its not the nurturing of my mother that was reflecting. Rather it was a reaction to ur angry childish behavior. My Mother always taught me how to respect but at the same time she reminded me that to some people, esteem is too much to handle, so putting them back in their place is the best thing to do. It doesnt matter if its a man or a woman. All i did was react to ur angry statements and said
بکواس مت کر، بہت دیکھے تجھ جیسے
And you brought my Mother in the conversation as if she was the one behind our argument. That was extremely disrespectful. Your act was uncalled for and for that YOU OWE ME an APOLOGY. I can NEVER and will NEVER EVER think about saying anything bad about your Mother. I equally respect her like my own Mother.

Your disgustingly foul and contemptibly offensive words about My Mother made me lose all the respect for you. I’ll NEVER FORGIVE YOU. You claim to pray 5 times a day. A person that devoutly prayerful will never disrespect a Mother, even if they are angry.

In the past month and a half that you have known me, you know I like to laugh and be goofy. Even in tense situations, I find a little humor to be very useful. To you, that is childish behavior but I consider it a way to maintain my sanity. You make the words of George Eliot absolutely true;
“A difference of taste in jokes is a great strain on the affections”.

I hope my prolonged and monotonous letter will make u think about your pigsty attitude. I will not pray for you because a woman disrespecting My Mother deserves anything but prayers.
میری ماں کے بارے میں غلط زبان استعمال کرنے والی عورت دعا کی مستحق نہیں



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