My Thoughts on Kamran Shafi’s open Letter to Imran Khan.

I Begin With The Name Of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful

Kamran Shafi is a renowned  Pakistani columnist. His recent outburst of personal bitterness towards Imran Khan made him write an open letter to The Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (Read Here . His letter is invective and denunciatory enough for a layman like me to respond humbly.

Mr Shafi! What you said in your text message is no different from other political parties who blame Imran and PTI for instability in Khyber Pakhtun Kha. It just so happens that you never dared to write a letter to the leader of MQM, Altaf Hussain, who controls Karachi from London using his pinkie. The blood of thousands have spilled in the city to no avail yet you were in the state of dormancy. During MQM’s reign, Wali Babar gets murdered in 2011, yet nothing is ever heard from you. Brave journalist, Jasmeen Manzoor gets threatened by the same fascists but there is a subdued silence from you. Altaf Hussain even talks about cessation from Pakistan if his party’s mandate is not accepted but your words are stifled. Would it be correct to assume that MQM has links with militants? (or even have a militant wing, according to Supreme Court ruling in 2012) or you are reimbursed to remain quiet?

How about writing an open letter to Asif Ali Zardari, who, in the name of Democracy, humiliated Pakistan worldwide. Remember when scandals and corruption made headlines that earned him a silent title of “President Par Excellence of Corruption”? Did it not occur to you that the founder of PPP was among those responsible for the breakup of Pakistan? Were you aware that the widespread corruption of PPP inside and outside Pakistan along with their deliberate transgressions were washed away by the blood of Late Bibi and clothed by the National Reconciliation Ordinance? Was the ink in your pen dried when PPP, MQM and ANP agreed upon “Politics of Mutual Understanding” aka “Mafahmat ki siyasat” which converted Karachi from City of Lights to an intensely burning furnace? Did you care to comment on those who were forced to migrate because of violence between those parties? Do you have any knowledge about those millions of dollars that were wasted in agreement with Independent Power Producers? Why didn’t you question Raja Pervez Ashraf and take him to task for shoving the country into pitch darkness? And lets not even talk about the murders of Kamran Faisal and Shahzeb Khan. Those brave men gave their lives defending righteousness but your utter silence makes me wonder if  you fell short of words to condemn the evil or you were in bed with the criminals who silently paid you to remove the stains of their perversions.

Lets talk a little on Awami National Party who has blood of Pakhtoons on their hands. Their leader Asfand Yaar Wali looted the wealth of Pakhtoon Kha, leaving the people there struggling for crumbs. He invested the plundered wealth abroad and lived a sumptuously deluxe life. Because of that, most industries closed their doors which gave way to poverty and destitution, resulting in emergence of crimes. The killing of Mian Iftikhar’s son, Rashid Hussain and the assasination of Bashir Balor were the biggest signs that ANP has failed miserably in KPK but their lust to remain in power saw no end. Their governance was so “successful” that Ghulam Ahmed Balor bankrupted Pakistan Railway to the bones. While remaining a minister, he shamelessly said that the Railway needs to shut down as countries can run without it. The depravities of ANP and that of Jami’at Ulema e Islam (F) have broken all rules of basic human rights but somehow your pen is lulled when it comes to criticizing them.

Mr Shafi! Will we ever see a letter to Nawaz Sharif who in past 7 months have made Pakistan poorer than before. Perhaps you need take the shades of hypocrisy off and see where the dollar is headed. Kindly notice the price of fuel and CNG which are being increased under the pretext of the rise in international prices of Petroleum. Do you see that he is legitimizing money laundering by giving it the name of privitization? Do you care to comment on anything that he has done or (in your own words) you have a compact with him as well? Which (perhaps) makes you a “lifafa” journalist.

The fact about Shaheed Aitazaz Hassan is indisputable that he gave his life to protect others from becoming victims of terrorism. However this cant be denied that his story was first highlighted by the social media. Before it was picked up by other mediums, you were in lethargic and stupefying slumber. Hence blaming Imran Khan is as useless, futile and as pathetic as your display of journalism I have described above.

May I add that the SMS exchange between you and Imran was personal? But you became infuriated when he quoted Ali Shiraiti calling you a “westoxified” and “a mentally colonized brown sahib without a shred of original thinking”. If there was anybody who you should get angry at, its Shiraiti and not Imran. You should have responded to his text and kept it to yourself. Instead you took to the internet to show your hostility towards him. This is something journalists don’t do. They are supposed to remain neutral in every situation. But your antagonistic and venomous attitude tells tales of adherence to journalistic principles.

P.S: I am not a supporter of any political party. I only commented on Kamran Shafi’s journalistic hypocrisy.

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