For Sale .

Pakistan-Parliament-house-inside Supreme Court Pakistan SC Pakistan Inside Parliament_house_Islamabad Pakistani_parliament_house

This Parliament has failed to deliver to the nation. People here go hungry for days but politicians enjoy 5 course meals all the time. Citizens are without proper drinking water but the leaders enjoy ice bucket challenges at any given time. The poor don’t have health, yet the policy makers consider it their divine right to get a simple cough medicine from overseas at the expense of impoverished. Their wealth, houses and properties are overseas yet they teach us wonders of “Democracy”. To us Pakistanis, Democracy is food, clothing, shelter and education that has been guaranteed to us by the Constitution of Pakistan. But holders of public office use the constitution only for themselves and not for the public. Here, the justice is only for the rich while poor can bite the dust all their lives. Now, our politicians want to sell the national assets to bidders outside of Pakistan which will make us even more poor. The decisions to sell the country are made in the buildings you see in pictures above. Since, We The People can’t afford to pay the lights of these buildings anymore, we would like to sell it to the highest bidder. The money obtained from the sale will be used for the betterment of poor. Thanks for looking and God Bless.


P.S. I have posted this on but the ad got rejected. So I am posting it here.



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