Tharparkar, An Illustration of Bhuttoism

I Begin With The name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful

I am never short of words when it comes to writing, but the catastrophic conditions in Thar are not only undescribable but are also a slap on the face of humanity. The naked dance of hunger, destitution and famine can put Bollywood item songs to shame. But what could be done when champions of “democracy” move on after feeding the masses with their empty slogans, making the poor and deprived people of Thar wonder if their purpose of vote was to face indigence and privation.

Today, 86 year old Qayim Ali Shah, woke up from an unrestricted sleep. With 94 shiny cars and 250 policemen, he came to visit Thar. Boarding and Lodging was arranged for This Royal, I mean, “Democratic” Caravan. The fact that it was all taken care of by tax payers money, “Thar-ians” were not even asked, much less offered anything. The “sailors” of the drowning Titanic of Constitution were fed with delicious and delighful cuisines but the owners of Thar’s barren lands with frail animals kept looking for the left overs of bread and clean water. This deed of “planners of Democracy” poked fun at the poverty of my brothers. Judging from that, I can say that the slogan of “Food, Clothing and Shelter” has been “ruthlessly implemented” in Thar and Interior Sindh.

The aid given by Provincial Government also proved to be an act of treachery and perfidy. Thousands of tons of wheat and mineral water got wasted. To top it off, mobile clinics were taken over by high ranking police officials and politicians as embellishers. What added fuel to the fire was the ignorant statement of Qayim Ali Shah that “Kids in Thar have died because of poverty and not hunger”. Perhaps, that alcoholic ignorant doesnt realize that hunger and starvation are caused by penury. Whether Shah said those words intentionally or otherwise, it is proved that Pakistan Peoples Party is avenging the death of its founder in the garb of Democracy.

PPP has been getting votes from the innocent and uninformed, using the name of its deceased and giving them death in return. Taking a look at the history, we learn that Mr Bhutto raised a slogan of “Food, Clothing and Shelter” which was never fulfilled. The manifesto is the same after 36 years but results are nowhere to be witnessed. Today, Bhutto’s legacy is “Hunger, Shroud and Grave” which is being witnessed in Interior Sindh, especially, Thar. There, the images of deprivation and destitution only show what has been passed down to future generations.


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