So, Are You Ready?

I Begin With The Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful.

Mr Gaurav Arya

Let me begin by saying that I am neither a soldier, nor a political analyst. I am just an avid reader of news and current events, with a desire to get into the depth of every story. I came across your open letter to Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff, General Raheel Shareef. It was quite entertaining, yet audacious. This brazen attempt by you has prompted me to write a humble response.

Sir, Your claim that “We are adversaries, not enemies” is far fetched from reality. The seeds of enmity and antagonism were sown the very moment India refused plebiscite in Kashmir and entered its forces there. It resulted in a number of wars in which Pakistan had the upper hand, despite being outnumbered by India. If it was not for United Nations, Pakistan would’ve not only taken Kashmir back but also include Muslim majority areas into its territory, resulting in reduction of India to the sizes of Hawaii and Polynesia.

Without any doubt, the war of 1971 was a display of State Terrorism by India. If its military is not ornamental, why did it need the help of other countries to separate Bangladesh. Groups like Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) in Balochistan and Mutahida Qaomi Movement in Karachi became the new Mukti Bahni’s. This all got the cover of The Cold Start Doctrine. Three major operations have been conducted to justify CSD; Operation Vijaye Bhava, Operation Parakram and Operation Sudarshan Shakti. Ironically, all on the border with Pakistan. The purpose of these operations is none other than creating fear and intimidate Pakistan. You as an ex military man are perfectly aware of it.

Mr Arya! Major Shabbir Sharif gave his life in 1971 to stop State sponsored terrorism by India. His Younger Brother, Raheel is continuing the legacy to root out  terrorism from Pakistan. He has started Operation Zarb e Azb which is successfully heading towards logical conclusion. Your proxies and hideouts inside Pakistan and Afghanistan are being eliminated, so your wish; “To fight the good fight… man to man… face to face…” could be granted.

So, Are you ready?


Ahmed Khan,
A Humble Pakistani.




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